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The Most Flexible


   Video Intercom


​Advantages of SIP protocol for

Beward IP Video Intercom

  • SIP is widely used in telecommunication systems, there is no need to integrate the BEWARD IP video door stations additionally.

  • The BEWARD IP video door stations are compatible with all standard SIP devices/client - The intercoms,phones,PBX, IP Clients, SIP speakers....

  • SIP stun - allows you to connect to an IP INTERCOM via an internet-sever without a static IP address.

  • It is possible to display images from an IP video door station to a SIP monitor or to a sip video doorphone. (which compatible with H264 codec.)

  • It is possible to provide a P2P connection via SIP without the applying of any sever.

  • The various client software for all operating systems.

  • There is no limit on the devices number in network.

  • It is possible to send voice messages to several SIP devices simultaneously.(conference call, mass notification)

  • You can take the calls from an IP-Intercom or open doors with help of phone/smartphone via the tone signal (it is possible by the call forwarding  via  an IP PBX).

  • ​It is possible to forward the calls from an IP intercom to skype accounts.